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The Dead Sea and Masada Tour


Our private tour to Masada and the Dead Sea starts in Tel Aviv with a general overview of the history of Israel. We will travel along the historical bibical rout from Jaffa to Jericho, skirting Jerusalem to the north.

We will see how much history Israel holds in its land, as we travel past Old Testament sites like Joshua’s battlefields, New Testament Sites such as the Inn of the Good Samaritan as well as more modern sites ranging from the Crusaders and the Mamlukes, to WWI and even the Six Day War.

Masada: View from the stronghold toward the Dead Sea 

We will then ascend Masada via cable car and tour the World Heritage Site of King Herod’s luxurious palace, which was built in the first century. We will also follow the famous story of Masada, where Jewish Sicarii rebels and refugees chose mass suicide instead of being enslaved by the Roman Empire during the first Jewish-Roman War. After that we will travel to the Dead sea.




The Dead Sea

Once at the Dead Sea, you can enjoy the experience, unique only to Israel, of floating on its healing waters, or use the mineral or mud baths. For those of you who are interested, there is also a wide range of alternative treatments (extra fees apply).

Feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, we will end our private tour and travel back towards the coast of israel and your hotel.