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Jerusalem Tour

Join E.I Tourism Services’ comprehensive Jerusalem tour across the majestic, ancient city. See all its incredible sites and hear all its wonderful stories!

Jerusalem is an interesting and diverse city. In addition to holding thousands of years of history (with ancient buildings and remnants to prove it), it is one of the most significant cities in the world for all three of the major religions:Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with many holy sites across the city. Jerusalem is also Israel’s capital, and has many government buildings and offices, as well as a wide variety of sites and museums important to the State of Israel.

E.I Tourism Services offers a comprehensive private Jerusalem tour, which will take you anywhere and everywhere across this magnificent city. On the way to Jerusalem, your private tour will stop to take in the stunning views of the Judean Desert from Mount Scopus and of the city of Jerusalem from Mount of Olives and learn how their geography influenced the biblical narrative.

Next, your private Jerusalem tour will continue to the Valley of Jehoshaphat (The Valley of the Lords’ Judgment), where we will discuss Gethsemane and learn about the historical developments in architectureof the Church of the Tomb of Mary.



The Old City

E.I Tourism Services private Jerusalem tour will then lead you into the Old City of Jerusalem via the Zion Gate and into the Jewish Quarter. Once inside, you will get the opportunity to stroll along the ancient road named the Cardo, and track the path of destruction of Judean Jerusalem and the development of Byzantine Jerusalem. In addition, you will pass by the “Broad Wall”, a remnant from the time of King Hezekiah, while examining with your private tour guide the accuracy of Biblical and Scientific facts. Upon reaching the Wailing Wall (Kotel), we will receive an explanation about Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple.

Next, your private Jerusalem tour will take you in Jesus’s steps along part of the Via Dolorosa (Stations of the Cross), while crossing through the famed Jerusalem Market on the way to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Golgotha). There you will see the place where, according to tradition, Jesus was both Crucified and Resurrected.


The New City

Your Jerusalem tour will exit through the Jaffa Gate, while learning about how the site has changed, due to various political circumstances. Then we will stroll through the upscale Mamilla Mall.

After that, E.I Tourism Services’ Jerusalem tour will take you to the Israel Museum, where you can see the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Shrine of the Book and also, amongst other things, a miniature replica of Jerusalem during the time of the Second Temple. On the way to the museum we will go past the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament and see the famous Menorah in front of it.

Your private Jerusalem tour will then take you to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum and the adjacent military cemetery on Mount Hertzl.

For those of you who wish to visit Mea Shearim, E.I Tourism Services will take you to the interesting neighborhood, where you can see the special Jewish ultra orthodox way of life.

In addition, your Jerusalem tour will take you to visit the large range of churches the city has to offer, including the Church of Ascension, Pater Noster and Dominus Flevit, the Church of all Nations and the Church of Mary Magdalena.