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Historic Israel Tour

Israel is an ancient land, filled with history and significance. We, at E.I Tourism Services, invite you to join us on a unique private historic tour of Israel, and follow the story of all its antique remnants across the entire country. On this private tour of ancient Israel, we will show you old ruins of temples and ports along with Biblical sites and tell you all the great stories of yesteryear.

Caesarea Martima

This private tour of ancient Israel, will take you to the beautiful remnants of the historical Caesarea Martima, which was built by King Herod and is the largest ancient port city in Israel. E.I Tourism Services will take you on a tour of the magnificent ruins of the Roman city, and follow its historical development throughout the Crusader and Turkish Periods.

ancient Israel - caesareaCaesarea: Roman Theater on the Mediterranean


The port city of Haifa is packed with centuries of history.  E.I Tourism Services’ private historic tour, will take you along the Carmel mountain rage, adjacent to the city of Haifa, to see where where Elijah battled the Baal’s prophets. You wil also be able tol see from afar the battlefields of Salah A Din and the Crusader King Guy of Lusignan at the Horns of Hittin. During your time in the city, tour private history tour guide will tell you interesting trivia about the area, including how the British High Command planned to avoid a second Dunkirk during World War II . To enrich tour time in the citym E.I Tourism Services private tour guide will climb the Carmel with you, for a spectacular view of the Bahai Gardens, while telling you all about the Bahai faith. Your tour will then continue through the 19th century German Colony.

private historic tour Israel (Haifa)Haifa: The Bahai Gardens

Beit Shean

Beit Shean (“Scythopolis”) is also a must see stop on your private tour of ancient Israel, as it contains the biggest archeological park in Israel, where you’ll be able to see beautiful excavations from the Roman and Byzantine periods

Historic tour Israel: Beit Shean
Beit She’an: Roman theater and Byzantine bathhouse

Caesarea Phillippi

E.I Tourism Services will take you up north to the remains of Caesarea Phillippi, as part of your private tour of ancient Israel. In this ancient city, which is located next to thBanias River (one of the sources of the Jordan River), you will be able to historical remnants of all the religions who have passed through the area over the centuries.


Masada holds great historical importance for Israel, as it is filled with centuries of stories and legends. Your private historic tour will take you up the hill via cable car, and tour the World Heritage Site of King Herod’s lavish palace, built in the first century. E.I Tourism Services’ seasoned private tour guide will then recount the story of the Jewish Sicarii rebels and refugees in Masada who, in the first Jewish-Roman war, chose to commit mass suicide, rather than being enslaved by the Roman Empire.

Masada: View from the stronghold toward the Dead Sea

Acre (Akko)

Your private tour of ancient Israel, will take you up the coast to the ancient sea port in Acre (Akko), where our E.I Tourism Services private tour guide will show you around the Oriental market and the Crusader port, while focusing on the Crusader and Turkish periods.


‘s Old City holds many historical buildings and ruins. Your private tour of ancient Israel will take you to see a wide variety of them, the most important one being the Wailing Wall (Western Wall), which is the only relic left of the Second Temple built by King Herod. Your private tour of ancient Israel will also take you to the visit the Davidson Center Archeological Park, as well as on a tour of the subterranean Western Wall Tunnels.  E.I Tourism Services will also take you to other historical sites in the Jerusalem Old City, including the ancient Roman market street of the Cardo, the Tomb of King David on Mount Zion, the Tower of David museum and the “Broad Wall”, which is a remnant from the time of King Hezekia.

Jerusalem Israel historyJerusalem: the Tower of David

Safed and Baram


The ancient city of Safed (Tzfat), which is a center of Jewish Mysticism and the Kabala, holds beautiful historical structures and remnants. Your private historic tour will take you to see many of these buildings, including several ancient synagogues such as Isaac Lurie (Ha’Ari) synagogue and the old Yossef Caro synagogue. Upon leaving Safed,  E.I Tourism Services will give you the option to tour the ruins of the ancient synagogue in Bar’am.

Ancient Israel Safed Tzfat
 Safed: Looking south-east to the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)