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Dead Sea Health Tour

Due to constant heat in the area, the Dead Sea water evaporates, leaving behind a unique residue of 26 essential minerals. Out of these minerals, twelve of them cannot be found in any other water in the world. Some of these minerals are known to contribute to skin nourishment, blood activity and even a relaxing sensation. In addition, the special climate circumstances, including an enriched oxygen atmosphere and filtered sun rays (causing reduced solar radiation), immanent from the Dead Sea being as low as it is, both contribute to the healing nature of the Dead Sea and its surrounding area.

Spa Treatments

E.I Touring Services will take you on a spa getaway, to the unique Dead Sea. Known for its relaxing and healing qualities, the Dead Sea is the perfect place to go and rest, while enjoying a wide range of various rejuvenating treatments.

Once at the Dead Sea, you can float around in its healing, mineral enriched waters or soak in the healthy natural sulfuric hot springs. Another spa option is covering yourself in special black mud, which will nourish your skin and hair. In addition, you can treat yourself to one of the alternative treatments in the area (extra fees apply).

Dead Sea

Health Treatments

E.I Touring Services will take you to the Dead Sea with its unique healing properties in its water and in the air around it. The Dead Sea is a popular center for various types of treatment, utilizing its unique climate, the sun and the Dead Sea water. These are used to treat a wide range of illnesses, including rheumatic diseases, metabolic disorders, skin conditions and reduced respiratory function.

The main treatments proven to be useful in the Dead Sea are for

  • Psoriasis, as sunbathers get reduced Ultra Violet rays.
  • Rhino sinusitis, as Dead Sea nasal irrigation has proven to be a good symptom reliever. 
  • Osteoarthritis, as the Dead Sea’s mud temporarily relieves patient’s pain.

The Dead Sea’s unique position and conditions offer visitors a special combination of treating their bodies and their souls. The dry air, mineral filled water and filtered sun light result in a one of a kind experience. When in the Dead Sea, you can indulge in relaxing spa treatments while treating various diseases and illnesses. 

Dead Sea: Salt ponds seen from Mount Sodom