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Coastal Cities Tour


This private historic tour, which travels up the coast of Israel, begins in Tel Aviv, with a general overview of Israel and its important places along the ancient trade routes of the near east. Our tour of the coastal cities of Israel takes us on a parallel route of the Via Maris (the ancient Sea Route), while seeing remains of many of the civilizations who used it in the past.Our first stop will be at the historical Caesarea Martima, which was built by King Herod and is the largest ancient port city in Israel. We will tour the magnificent ruins of the Roman city, including the site of Paul’s incarceration, and follow their historical development throughout the Crusader and Turkish Periods.


Then we will continue north towards Haifa, along the Carmel mountain range, see where Elijah battled the Baal’s prophets and learn about the British High Command’s plan during WWII to avoid a second Dunkirk.  We will climb the Carmel for a spectacular view of the Bahai Gardens, while learning of the Bahai faith.




The Bahai Gardens in Haifa.

We will continue our tour, through the 19th century German Colony, towards Rosh Hanikra, at the northernmost tip of coast of Israel. There we will visit the famousnaturally sea-made grottos.

Turning back south, we will visit the historical ancient sea port in Acre (Akko) and walk through the Oriental market and the Crusader port, while focusing on the Crusader and Turkish periods.This port was made famous by the book, TV mini series and movie written by Raymond Khoury, “The last Templar”

This concludes our private tour of the coastal cities in Israel, and we will head back to Tel Aviv.