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Bar/Bat Mitzvah In Israel

Bar/ Bat Mitzvah in Israel
A Bar Mitzvah in Israel is an unforgettable experience for your child’s coming of age celebration. E.I Tourism Services will organize a special Bar Mitzvah in Israel, including a tour, a main event and a special ceremony at the Kotel, planned and created especially for you!




A Bar Mitzvah experience creates a powerful link between the individual and their Jewish identity. In fact, this unforgettable life time event will bind your child with Jewish heritage, history, culture and community. There is no better place to capture this significant time in your child’s life than to travel to the holy land and celebrate the Bar Mitzvah in Israel, which includes private tours and a ceremony at the Kotel. A Bar Mitzvah in Israel will enrich and deepen your child’s attachment to Jewish heritage and will turn the journey into a meaningful bond with their faith.




Planning a successful and enjoyable Bar Mitzvah in Israel takes time, patience and knowledge of the services and service givers who will contribute to this special event. In fact, the efforts of orchestrating this special Bar Mitzvah in Israel from a distance can be both stressful and challenging. This is where E.I. Touring Services come into play.
Bar Mitzvah in Israel: ceremony at the Kotel




Every parent dreams of their child having a perfect Bar Mitzvah experience, and what could be more perfect than a family tour to Israel, with a moving Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Kotel (Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem? At E.I. Tourism Services, we consider ourselves to be “concept architects”, as we try and cater to any and all thoughts, dreams and desires you may have and make them come alive. In fact, the combination of our strong connections, creative flair and knowledge of Israel will help create a special, memorable Bar Mitzvah in Israel with a tour and a special event and a ceremony at the Kotel for your child.


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At E.I Tourism Services, we don’t believe in “formulas” or repetitive approaches, and so every detail of your family’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel we will create for you will be innovative, personalized and unique specifically for experience in Israel. In fact, we welcome exclusive demands, personal wishes and high standards and we work hard to ensure all your expectations are met. We also take the time to get to know your son or daughter, so that we can fully understand what their expectations from their unique Bar Mitzvah in Israel experience are, including the special ceremony at the Kotel.




Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel

In addition, for those of you who desire, E.I. Touring Services will take care of any and all details before the actual Bar Mitzvah event, in fact, we will even arrange for “Haphtarah” tutoring from up to a year prior to the real prayer ceremony at the Kotel. E.I. Touring Services maintains close ties with many local and international Rabbis, from all denominations, including Orthodox, Conservative and Reform, and we will gladly assist you with getting you in contact with a rabbi and a community most suitable for you.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel


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When you book a Bar Mitzvah in Israel with E.I. Touring Services, we will manage the entire destination package for you; including airport VIP services, luxury car services, personalized private tours, accommodation reservations, in fact, we will be in charge of any and all details you may need taking care of. Our goal is to ensure comfort and ease for you and your family while you travel around Israel, and to ensure a fun and successful event takes place for your family and guests at the main event in the Kotel. As we create your Bar mitzvah In Israel especially for you, there are many types of private tours to choose from: from Jewish heritage tours, to archeological and historical tours to nature and site seeing tours, and an array of private day-tours, with a possibility to “mix-and-match” between them as you wish.

When it comes to planning and executing the Bar Mitzvah event itself, in addition to the moving ceremony at the Kotel, E.I. Touring Services will do all of the research in terms of site and venue inspections, reservations, gifts and even assist you with “thank you” letters. From canapés to Yamakas, we will take care of all your Bar Mitzvah needs!

Remember, we are open to any and all of your special requests and wishes, in fact, we will strive create anything you may desire or hope to see during your child’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel, including tours, ceremony at the Kotel, and of course, the party itself and we will turn your dreams into an unforgettable journey which will exceed them all.