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Across the Galilee Tour


This comprehensive tour of the Galilee in the north of Israel, is packed with stunning views, famous landmarks, folklore and history. Our day begins with an overview of the history, geography and diversity of people and cultures in Israel.

We start the tour by traveling up the coast of israel, towards the north-western part of the Galilee and Rosh Hanikra, where we will see the grottos carved out by the sea. Then we will  travel east, climbing the northern ridge of the Galilee, and visit the marvelous Keshet Cave and lookout onto the impressive remains of the Monfort Crusader castle, both of which are in the western Galilee. 



Natural grottos in Rosh Hanikra

Next, we will visit the Druze village Horfeish, in the Upper Galilee where we will learn about their interesting relationship with Israel. After that, we will stop for wine tasting on the way to ancient synagogue in Baram.

As part of the tour, we will learn about the age-old Circassian tradition of bride-kidnapping  in the village of Reichania. In addition, we will hear about the heroic selfless acts of the Palmach  members, who captured the Koah police station.



We will then start our way back south, stopping to visit the Hula bird sanctuary, which monitors the bi-annual migration pattern of  half a billion birds, travelling from Europe to Africa and back each year. We conclude our tour of the north of Israel with a breath taking view point of the Sea of Galilee, before travelling back to Tel Aviv.