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About Us

E.I Tourism Services is a customized tour company dedicated to creating a personal travel experience that goes far beyond the universal definition of sightseeing. E.I.Tourism Services’ tour itineraries are made to order with a special focus on your personal interests and travel goals during your travel to Israel.  All of our local tour guides are experts in their fields and have years of experience showing visitors like you see Israel through a different light.

E.I. Services’  specialized events division, offers high-end, custom made and exclusive event production and hosting services to our locals and our guests who travel in Israel.



Yehuda Korin
E.I. Services was founded by Yehuda Korin in 1999. A seasoned celebrity escort, with years of experience in V.I.P. private services and a professional background in special Israeli Defense Forces, Yehuda is an expert in personal security and one-on-one assistance. His discretion and confidentiality underscore his devotion to recognizing his client’s wishes and demands.





Avi Asulin         
V.P & Logistics Manager


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Jenny Araf
Project Manager