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Thank you so much for your great service last week with Gelato visit.
The guests were left…
Agy Mishel
SBM Executive Assistant & Marketing Projects

Now I am at the airport flying to London.
Yes, it was a very good experience. Excellent driver and excellent car!

Best Regards,
Makoto Seki

Thank you very much for your suggestions, organization, etc, for our trip this week. My mother and I had a great time! We learned a lot from our guide

Liliana and Nilma

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E.I Tourism Services is a customized tour company dedicated to creating a personal travel experience that goes far beyond the universal definition of sightseeing. israel tourism

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Israel Tourism – Travel In Israel

A common claim among many Israelis is that Israel is a small country with a small selection of tourist attractions that do not compare to other countries around the world. One part of this claim is true in that Israel is in fact a small country yet the second part reflects a fundamental misunderstanding when it comes to tourism. Trial size does not determine true in many cases, and especially in the case of Israel.


holy land tours – religious tourism

holy land tours – Size really does not matter and it is important to understand that tourism has to do with so much more than that. First and foremost Israel attracts many tourists because of its religious and historical importance. Israel attracts many people who want to know more and visit the holy places that the country has to offer, such places like Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bet – Lechem and more. Beside the religious tourism that is usually associated with Israel, there are so many other places that are perfect for tourists to visit.


places to visit in israel

places to visit in israelThe Golan Heights and the Galilean hills, green with picturesque villages plus the coastal plains of the beautiful Israeli cities like Herzliya and Rishon Letzion, the nightlife of Tel Aviv,  the outskirts of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and of course Eilat. The average tourist can come and visit a variety of nature reserves, historic and agricultural sites and see Israel in a whole new and exciting way and all this in a short time.

One must not forget that tourism in Israel also includes amazing food, an abundance of hotels and inns, beautiful people and of course the special Israeli hospitality.